DOS PLUS is the audio visual collaboration of filmmaker/visual artist ELENI AMPELAKIOTOU (TEENAGE RESPONSE, ICH BIN HIER) and the experimental improv Electric Guitar Duo WILLIAM BRAVO DUO. performing multisensorial interferences of narrative abstract fiction and documentary imagery with instant improvised compositions to a visual and sonic resonating experience.

In their musical dialog and radical improvisations Spanish guitarist ANTONIO BRAVO and German film composer and guitarist WILHELM STEGMEIER deconstruct complex wavering noises to hallucinating hypnotic feedbacks that explode into improvised action paintings of colorful contemporary psychedelic soundscapes. Melodic abstract sculptures clash with repetitive rhythmic lines. Sustained, eclipsed and fluent blurred drone clusters, dense collages of various sounds with no pulse, expand in all directions, to merge surprisingly in explosive vertical and horizontal eruptions or fragile sensual microtonal fragments.

In the recent collaboration with filmmaker/visual artist ELENI AMPELAKIOTOU the musical energy of WILLIAM BRAVO DUO resonates with visual experimental storytelling deconstructing narrative structures and documentary clichés to a distinctive synaesthetic audiovisual experience.

The soundtrack to the films is performed live as instant improv composition and varifies from performance to performance exploring the visuals as oscillating perfomative act.

DOS plus has been invited to the Athens Digital Arts Festival, Punto y Raya Festival - Abstract Art in Motion, Center for art and media, ZKM, Cologne, Punto y Raya Festival - Abstract Art in Motion Wroclaw.

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