July 28, 2021
Review of GLEN - PULL!
There is a fine review of GLEN‘s Album PULL! in the latest issue of the UK print magazine SHINDIG!
(Issue 118 August 2021, Page 87).

July 28, 2021
Review of GLEN - PULL!
New review of PULL! in french webzine COREandCO.

July 9,2021
Enjoy the premiere of the first original video of a series of videos to the track AHAB
lifted off GLEN‘s album PULL! exploring various „Ahab“ myths.

June 17, 2021
Review of GLEN - PULL!
Enjoy and read new GLEN interview in Rock'n Force.
A conversation with Francois Alaouret.

June 17, 2021
Review of GLEN - PULL!
A fine review from german Metal Viewer

May 26, 2021
Review of GLEN - PULL!
A beautiful and inspirational review of GLEN´s new album PULL! by Dee Cooper in Scholomance Webzine

May 23, 2021
Review of GLEN - PULL!
Just came in this morning. A wonderful review in Veil of Soundby Pat O´Regan

May 20, 2021
Review of GLEN - PULL!
Another review of PULL! from France in Aux Portes Du Metal Webzine.

May 19, 2021
Review of GLEN - PULL!
A wonderful review of GLEN's new album PULL! in
Aristocrazia Webzine from Italy.

May 18, 2021
Review of GLEN - PULL! in
Rock´n Force
"Glen : lumineux et élégant"
Another beautiful written review of GLEN´s new album PULL! in the French webzine
Rock'n Force by François Alaouret.

May 11, 2021
Review GLEN - PULL! in
A fine review from Brazil by Aryon Maiden!

May 7, 2021
GLEN´s new album PULL! is out now!
Today, May 7th, is the official release date of GLEN´s new album PULL! and it’s Bandcamp Friday!
You can purchase and stream the album via our bandcamp page.
Celebrate with us and watch the new video „Korinth“.
Due to unexpected shipping delay Vinyl will be available a few days later.
We will keep you posted as soon as the shipment has been delivered.
Vinyl released and distributed by Sound Effect Records
Compact Disc released and distributed by Anesthetize Productions
Vinyl and CD are available also via Sound Effect Records and Anesthetize Productions webstores.

May 3, 2021
Review GLEN - PULL! in
A Closer Listen
A wonderful poetic and cinematic review by Richard Allen published in
A Closer Listen -a home for instrumental and experimental music.

JUNE 22, 2019
Review GLEN - CRACK in 
Where once there was music, now let there be noise.

JUNE 11, 2018
A wonderful passionate review of our album CRACK.
We really appreciate that and feel so deeply understood with what we intended with this album.
Dayz Of Purple And Orange
British online magazine  

MAY 20, 2018
A very kind review of CRACK from Łukasz Komła in Płyty (nie)słuchane!
If anybody can read polish or give google translator a try.
Polish online magazine

MAY 1, 2018
Recent article about GLEN´s new album CRACK on Justin Patrick Moore's
 SOTHIS MEDIAS online magazine based in Cincinnati

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